Item Specifics

Mini BIC Lighters

There is not much to say or explain about these. The minis are about 1/3 the size of a standard BIC and last just as long. I say that because I lose them before they ever run out of fluid so for me they all last about the same length of time. I scatter these …

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Fisher Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen is a great pen for travel. The ability to write in any conditions is a huge plus. When the cap is moved to the tail the pen is full sized and the weight is very nice. When in the covered position the pen is about half the size. I have the …

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Rema TT-02 Tire Kit

My preferred tire kit is the Rema brand kits. The TT-02 has the best mix of patches for most situations. The small round ones are good for single punctures from road debris. The larger oblong ones can handle small cuts and “snake bites” from rim impacts. These should be bought from your local shop. My …

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