Toilet Paper

Let’s start at the bottom of this and lose the crappy eye rolls.

OK I’ll stop.

There are questions that people ask about bicycle touring all the time. Where are you going? Where did you start? if you talk to them long enough about touring another topic will undoubtedly arise. Where do you poop?

The answer is the same as everyone else. We poop at the next acceptable place. 99.99999% of the time that is in a normal restroom with supplied paper. We live in the 21st century and I tour almost exclusively now in the developed world with modern plumbing. If you are a backcountry biker/hiker or travel to places truly remote, then you know how it works there already.

In the rare occasion I need to provide my own paper I carry a coreless roll of this stuff. A flattened out 1/2 roll of regular paper works just fine too. I prefer to at least start a tour with one of these. The size and density is great and there is a lot more on there than it looks. The coreless design is space efficient but the surprisingly thick and soft paper is also wound onto the roll with a lot more tension than a normal roll. This provides a LOT of paper in a pretty small package. Your mileage may vary but for me its worth the few bucks.

I will let you find a women’s perspective on all of this elsewhere. I haven’t a clue.