Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp


I have a love hate relationship with this light. I love how it works and the fact that it can recharge its own batteries via USB. I hate this company and their approach to this product. I hate it so much in fact, that I made a YouTube video (below) explaining the sleazy way this was manufactured and marketed to try and trick you into buying “special” AAA batteries. The newest versions of this are no better, now they want you to buy into their proprietary battery size and shape. Do you really want another specialty battery and a separate charger if you need more than 1 pack ?

  • Pros
  • Lightweight
  • Can use standard (3)AAA
  • Brightness
  • Multiple modes
  • Cons
  • Sleazy company
  • Price
  • Battery compartment access
  • Have to modify your own rechargables

The headlamp itself performs well. I like the multiple brightness settings, the ability to switch between spot and flood mode and a red option to not blind others. You can use off the shelf alkaline batteries. The problem is that they want to trick you into buying their “special” AAA batteries or on the newer version buying their “special size” battery pack. I don’t know but given how this company operates I would wager that the new battery packs are just 3 AAA’s shrink wrapped into one block with a 2-pin JST connector. This likely eliminates the problem that the video explains but just swaps out one crappy design for a new crappy design. The battery compartment on these is accessed by opening the entire body like a clamshell. The hinge and clip mechanism appear to be rather minimal and I suspect this is where this will fail first.

The cost of LEDs and batteries continues to come down and there are better options out there now than the $65 asking price on these.