Industrial Sharpie markers

Sharpie has become the generic term for a permanent marker replacing “Magic Marker” or “Flairs” for those of my age group. I use the industrial markers from Sharpie. They can write on wet or greasy surfaces and seem to not dry out if left unused for awhile. The tips on these seem to be more rugged than the standard ones also. I have abused them and the tip was not all rounded over. These are used to mark personal property in a group ride setting or make temporary signage for group members. I use them to write on Ziploc bags , you don’t have to wait for it to dry to prevent smearing or transfer of ink to something else.

From their website:
Designed to handle high heat without fading and to mark on a variety of surfaces, the black markers are perfect for industrial and lab users. They also have a durable fine tip for bold, precise marks. Bold ink is engineered to withstand intense heat up to 500F. Specially designed for industrial and laboratory users. Fine tip creates bold, detailed lines on a variety of surfaces including metal, glass, film and plastic. Quick-drying permanent ink is water, fade and smear resistant

I buy them 12 at a time and scatter them around the toolboxes and workspaces they are about a buck apiece in this quantity.