Lotus Eclair ~ 1984

1984 Lotus Eclair touring bicycle
My Eclair with front and rear racks

My first bike as an adult was this Lotus Eclair. After agreeing to start riding and training for a tour, I purchased this from Rob Folkes of East Providence Cycles for what was to me , the whopping sum of about $400 if I remember right. I remember Rob selling and fitting the bike to me himself, I had never had such service and attention before. Who knew a bicycle could be “tailored” to fit and feel better ?

1984 Lotus Eclair photos
1984 Lotus Eclair

This was a great bike for me and provided many years of service. It had downtube shifters and a 21 speed drivetrain and was like giving an RV motorhome to someone so they could learn to drive. With a little practice and a really dorky Bell helmet I was good to go.

It is in no small part due to Rob that I stuck with riding and touring. Had I been on the wrong bike or one that was not set up for me, I may have decided that this touring stuff was for the birds. The addition of some Rhode Gear panniers and some basic camping gear and the road awaited.

Bicycle Touring as a lifestyle