Feet (Pedals)

SPD cleat side of M324 pedal
Shimano M324 SPD Side

The pedals I chose were the Shimano M-324. These are great for people who have one bike they use for everything. And on tour you have one bike for everything!   The SPD binding on one side provides the security and pedaling efficiency of a clipless pedal. Once in camp  flip them over and  a regular platform lets you ride to the store or around camp without having to wear your cleated shoes. This is especially nice when riding to the showers, I just use my Crocs and don’t have to deal with carrying my shower shoes or changing into them once there. If I am in a rocky or muddy campsite ,

Platform side of M324 pedal
Shimano M324 Platform Side

I will also use non-cleated shoes until I  get out on the road for the day. There are adjustments on them for tension but I have never had to adjust them, they are still set the way they came from Shimano.

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