Surly LHT ~ 2012

 Why a Surly Long Haul Trucker?

New Surly Frame being unpacked
Surly LHT Freshly Unboxed

After getting a fitting done to determine what would suit me best, we came up with the parameters below . Studying frame specifications , the LHT most closely met the criteria I needed, came highly recommended on the bike forums and was reasonably priced, with shipping and discounts applied was $356.08. The photo at left shows the frame fresh out of the box. I also prefer a steel frame for expedition level touring. I like the qualities of the ride and emergency frame repairs would be somewhat easier.

Screen output od a DOS form
The DOS based FitKit system, Ugly but functional








Geometry and size specific dimensions table
Size and Geometry Info Sheet
Invoice showing price of frame and fork
LHT Invoice

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